We did it! Thank you!

Dear Friends,

I am sorry to have kept you waiting so long, but all of the early voting, Election Day, absentee and provisional ballots have finally been tallied, and I am happy to say I am one of three delegate candidates to move on to the General Election in November.


My sister jokingly referred to this as the “never ending primary” because it took nine days after Election Day for  provisional ballots to be counted in District 21 in Prince George’s County and for the Democratic primary race for delegate to be decided.
Because I was ahead of 4th place finisher Matt Dernoga by about 200 votes following the absentee ballot count, the 710 provisional ballots could have changed the outcome. Although I was in a good position statistically to maintain my third place spot, it would have been inappropriate of me to claim victory when the contest was not over.
First, I want to say I am incredibly grateful for your support and obviously could not have achieved this without you. I got into the race a little late but I ran as hard as I could to make up for that. With the help of my amazing campaign manager Elise Mignon Stack and the support of so many volunteers, we knocked on thousands of doors, made phone calls, stuffed envelopes, attended community events and house parties, held fundraisers, walked in parades and put up yard signs — lots of yard signs!
Secondly, I want to congratulate all of my fellow candidates. If you think running for public office looks difficult, you’re right. This was a hard fought race and Matt Dernoga in particular was an intense and focused campaigner. Matt is a marathon runner (seriously) and that is exactly how he approached this contest.
I am humbled by the primary results and relieved it is over, but I am glad to be part of a strong Democratic team with Sen. Rosapepe, and Delegates Peña-Melnyk and Barnes heading into the General Election. There are two Republican candidates for delegate and one Independent, so we face credible challengers.
I will be knocking on more doors between now and November and looking for other opportunities to engage voters. Please let me know of any events coming up in your community and whether you can volunteer to help.

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